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The Choice to Fork the Food Rules and No Longer Diet is a Life Long Journey that is Best Done in Community, Don't Go It Alone!


  • Imagine feeling confident in your decision not to diet - and having that confidence reflected by the people around you
  • Imagine feeling acceptance in your body - because you are surrounded by people who accept your body and are working on accepting their own right along side you
  • Imagine feeling self-assured because all your food and body questions are answered
  • Imagine feeling well-informed about the latest food and body trends and their non-diet lifestyle implications
  • Imagine feeling supported in your choice to care for yourself in the way that is right for you
  • Imagine feeling able to “hang out” with others without judgy food and body talk
  • Imagine a supportive group of peers and professionals ready to “walk the walk’ with you


Sometimes it can feel like you are the only person in your life not on a diet and that can be lonely. We know that community can be life-giving and can lead to greater success in your choice of a non-diet relationship with food and body. That is why we created Fork the Food Rules. 

Fork The Food Rules

Is a community of like-minded individuals that have chosen to Fork the Food Rules and want continued support and camaraderie in their life-long choice of intuitive eating. Being counter-culture can be hard, at Fork the Food Rules you can find:


Walk along side others on the same non-diet path.


Learn from HAES® informed Registered Dietitians that are Intuitive Eating and Body Image experts 


Freedom to pursue health without judgement, food rules and negative body talk. 

 Want to be around others who "get it?" 

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Being a Member Means:

You no longer have to feel like the only person in your life who is choosing not to diet and improve their body image! 

You have a reliable source for information and will learn more about eating intuitively and body acceptance in different formats including monthly masterclasses, monthly Q&A sessions with Megan or Laura, and book clubs.

You will have a professionally supported, non-facebook, private community of members who have also chosen this path where you can give and receive support and encouragement with out confusing diet and body messages. 

Megan Hadley MS, RDN, LDN

Megan believes that difficult relationships with food and body image are barriers to people living life fully. She is passionate about helping clients find freedom in eating and acceptance of their bodies so that they can turn more attention towards living. She is also passionate about her family, including her husband, Jeff, and two daughters, cooking, traveling, naps, good wine, and french fries.

"I can't say enough about Megan. I'm 35 years old and have struggled with my food, weight, and body image for years. Megan has helped me experience freedom with food, my weight and body image. I am so grateful for her and the work she does. Her work has been instrumental in creating true change that allows me to have freedom with food and I no longer feel as if I am in a daily battle."


Laura Watson MS, RDN, CDE, LDN

Laura practices nutrition from a weight-neutral approach and seeks to help clients gain a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.She firmly believes that all bodies are good bodies and uses a social justice framework to address how the intersections of various identities including race, religion, sexuality, gender, and abilities can affect our relationships with food and our bodies.

"Laura is the best at what she does. She helped me focus on eating well instead of insisting that I look a certain way or weigh a certain amount. Laura always gives encouragement and positive vibes to keep patients going and feel a sense of accomplishment. Laura is the G.O.A.T."


Fork the Food Rules is Not For You If:

The Scale Still Rules Your Life

This membership is not for you if you are still searching for the next diet, plan, or lifestyle that will help you lose weight and that feels most important right now. Or if you have an active eating disorder and/or are relying on a meal plan.

If You Have Not Seen the Light Yet

This membership is not for you YET if you have not been introduced to Intuitive Eating or a non-diet mentality. If this is you, let us know, we will help you get what you need to get started!

If You Don't Want To Feel The Love

This membership is not for you if you don't want to give and receive support and continue to learn along side others that also want the freedom, confidence, and health that comes with being intuitive with food and our bodies. 

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