Fork The Food Rules

Intuitive Eating is a life long journey that is best done in community, don't go it alone!

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Fork The Food Rules

Is a community of like-minded individuals that want continued support and camaraderie in their life-long choice of intuitive eating. Being counter-culture can be hard, at Fork the Food Rules you can find:


Walk along side others on the same intuitive eating path.


Learn from HAES® Registered Dietitians that are Intuitive Eating and Body Image experts 


Freedom to pursue health without judgement, food rules and negative body talk. 

We want to help you in your recovery from diet culture by offering a community for support, encouragement and growth. 

Being a Member Means:

You have a private community of members who are working toward a better relationship with food & body where you can give and receive support and encouragement. 

You have an opportunity to learn more about eating intuitively in different formats including webinars, book clubs, and regular Q&A sessions with registered dietitians that are intuitive eating experts.

You will continue to learn and grow in a professionally supported community where you can explore intuitive eating without confusing diet and body messages. 

If you want community & support in your Intuitive Eating journey

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