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Hi! We are Laura & Megan

We help women who are tired of trying different diets, plans or programs learn to eat without food rules, stress and guilt so that they can be more confident with food and their body & be empowered to take care of their health. 


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"For years I’ve considered food as good and bad and judged myself accordingly. I feel free of the old way of thinking and alive and appreciative of the freedom I’ve found in food. I can enjoy all foods and nothing is off limits!” -K

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We know you are tired of obsessing over food and your weight. Tracking all. the. things. calories, fat grams, carbs, points, macros or steps has become exhausting. And we also know that you are afraid of what will happen if you stop or don't try again to lose weight. We know because we have been there ourselves and we have helped hundreds of other women who have arrived at a similar place of frustration find peace, consistency and health by changing their relationship with food and their body. We would love for you to be next. 

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