Fork The Food Rules

And never diet again!

Are you tired of feeling out of control with food?

We don't believe you lack self-control, we believe the way you have been taught to think about food is getting in between you and a positive relationship with food and your body

You have a diet mentality if you:

  • Categorize foods as good or bad

  • Have days where you eat "good" and days where you did "bad"

  • Have days where you start out "good" only to end the day "messing up" or feeling out of control with food

  • Say "I'll start again tomorrow" as it relates to doing "good" with your eating

  • Feel guilty about eating certain foods

  • Feel like a failure when it comes to health and weight loss

  • Feel shame about your body

Fork The Food Rules And Get A Non-Diet Mentality!

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Community combined with ongoing professional support results in an improved relationship with food and your body.

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Our first bite framework is five things that you can start doing now to eat more intuitively. It is yours for free!

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This mini course is a fork full of info, it gets you all the things you need to decide if a non-diet mentality is right for you and shows you how to get started.

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