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Hi, I'm Megan!

My food freedom story includes lots of overwhelm when it came to trying to eat healthy. I remember throwing out all kinds of foods from our fridge that I had learned were "unhealthy" because they had ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. I'll never forget my ever supportive husband looking at me with concern and said... can we still have oreos and bacon? I wish that was my sign that I had gone too far, thank God his bottom line was oreos and bacon. 

Food rules that I took on made shopping and preparing food SUPER complicated..and don't even get me started on eating out. I'll fast forward to when I got a Masters in Nutrition and started practicing nutrition in the real world and I learned what ACTUALLY mattered and what didn't matter when it came to nutritional health (spoiler alert-it's not as complicated as it seems). I stressed way less when it came to food and I was healthier for it. I have a body image story too... but you'll have to buy me a drink to get that one!

Life becomes better when you aren't stressed about food and hate your body. We eat every day and we live in our bodies - if our relationship with each is negative, that seriously affects our quality of life. I want you to be able to spend more energy, time and your heart on the other things that really matter to you and for the way you feel about your body to not hold you back. 

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