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You have heard about intuitive eating, it sounds liberating but scary, and you aren’t sure it is going to work for you.

And you are beginning to believe that maybe diets just don’t work, but you are afraid to fully accept that because you fear it means you are letting yourself go and not taking care of yourself.

You are right, diets don’t work and it is not because you have failed, it is because diets have failed you. 

You don’t need more self control, you need support to eat intuitively.

When you participate in this membership you can expect:

  • To learn to listen to your body to know how to eat
  • To no longer see food as good and bad
  • To no longer feel like you lack willpower and self control
  • To no longer feel like binge eating is your fault
  • To no longer feel alone

You can expect eating to become easier.


And when eating is easier: 

  • You eat cookies without feeling compelled to eat the entire package
  • You enjoy the bread basket without feeling too full for dinner
  • You eat dessert with your kids without guilt
  • You eat what sounds good and you feel more satisfied 
  • You aren’t thinking about food all of the time
  • You aren’t playing mental jenga about how your take out lunch fits with the rest of your day
  • Celebrating with food no longer feels stressful
  • Life feels more fulfilling because you are no longer spending so much energy each day figuring out your food.


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This Membership is for you if:


  • You label foods as good and bad
  • You feel guilty after eating certain foods
  • You get frustrated by your "lack of self-control"
  • You wonder how some people just seem to eat "normally"
  • The number on the scale can make or break your day
  • The concept of stopping eating something like bread, chips, or cookies when you are full and leaving some behind feels foreign 

This Membership is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for another boring weight loss plan
  • You have an active eating disorder and are working on nutrition restoration 
  • If you don’t like talking about “race stuff.” With the thin ideal being rooted in colonialism, we feel it is a disservice to this work to not talk about it.
  • If you take yourself super seriously and can’t laugh with us! 

Stop stressing about food and start experience a life-changing relationship with food and your body

Fork The Food Rules

Fork the Food Rules is a membership subscription that was created to help people find food freedom and community in a flexible, go at your own pace format. 

In the membership you will find:  


Be with other people who have decided to pursue a better relationship with food and their bodies.


HAES® & Intuitive Eating informed Registered Dietitians that have helped hundreds of people achieve food freedom and better body image


Freedom to pursue health without rigid food rules, exhausting exercise regimens and shaming body talk. 

Here's What's Included:

In both the basic and premium membership options, you get access to all previously recorded masterclasses (aka shorter webinars, about 30 minutes). You can watch what you want and in your own time.

AND you get access to all newly recorded masterclasses, approximately 9 a year. 

In the premium membership you ALSO get access to a monthly, live coaching call with Megan or Laura. Here we can talk further about masterclass topics and/or answer any and all food and body questions. 

With both membership options you get access to a private facebook group where you can connect with other members and ask questions. 


So in summary:

  • Access to all recorded Masterclasses (aka, shorter webinars, around 30 minutes), masterclasses that you can access right now in the membership  include:
    • Strategies for Improving Body Image
    • Food & Health
    • How to (and how not to) use Hunger & Fullness as a guide for eating
    • Food Guilt
    • Joyful Movement
  • Monthly live discussions with Megan or Laura (premium membership)
  • Access to recordings of previously done masterclasses that you can watch any time that you want!
  • Access to a private, Facebook community. 
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See how others have struggled with food and body have experienced freedom through Fork the Food Rules

"I wear clothes that fit me now because I love my body the way it is"



"I joined Fork the Food Rules because I felt like I was out of control with my eating habits. I was so confused about what to eat and what not to eat. All around us are messages about dieting and low calorie intake. I needed help.

Fork the Food Rules membership has given me a great deal of confidence with body positivity and advice on intuitive eating habits. You learn your triggers and you learn a lot about yourself. I wear clothes that fit me now because I am able to love my body the way it is. I’m more open to going out with friends and trying new things, such as pottery. I have learned to listen to my cravings, eat whatever and whenever I want, and listen to my body tell me when I’m too full or not eating enough food. I have also enjoyed the community and master classes. This membership steered me in the right direction and (thankfully) away from diet culture!"

"Fork the Food Rules is the perfect way to find support from registered dieticians and peers who want to Fork the Food Rules!"



"I joined Fork the Food Rules to continue my journey of recovery from an ED. I've been in recovery now for quite some time. I don't need to be seeing a dietician weekly anymore, but still need some support. Fork the Food Rules is the perfect way to find support from registered dieticians and peers who want to Fork the Food Rules!

It has made me feel less alone on my journey to body acceptance. I really enjoy conversing with others who are trying to escape diet culture and fat phobia. It is often lonely to be the only one among my peers who is actively trying to escape diet culture - most people I know are actively trying to change their bodies to match our cultural ideal. Our culture is so immersed in diet culture - it is often hard to escape. Fork the Food Rules is a safe space to discuss how we feel about our bodies, food, and food "rules."

Want to experience food freedom?

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Meet the Nutritionists Inside the Membership

Laura Watson MS, RDN, LDN

Laura practices nutrition from a weight-neutral approach and seeks to help clients gain a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies.She firmly believes that all bodies are good bodies and uses a social justice framework to address how the intersections of various identities including race, religion, sexuality, gender, and abilities can affect our relationships with food and our bodies.

Laura is the best at what she does. She helped me focus on eating well instead of insisting that I look a certain way or weigh a certain amount. Laura always gives encouragement and positive vibes to keep patients going and feel a sense of accomplishment. Laura is the G.O.A.T.


Megan Hadley MS, RDN, LDN

Megan believes that difficult relationships with food and body image are barriers to people living life fully. She is passionate about helping clients find freedom in eating and acceptance of their bodies so that they can turn more attention towards living. She is also passionate about her family, including her husband, Jeff, and two daughters, cooking, traveling, naps, good wine, and french fries.

"I can't say enough about Megan. I'm 35 years old and have struggled with my food, weight, and body image for years. Megan has helped me experience freedom with food, my weight and body image. I am so grateful for her and the work she does. Her work has been instrumental in creating true change that allows me to have freedom with food and I no longer feel as if I am in a daily battle."


How much do I need to invest to fork the food rules?


Similar to other memberships you may have invested in like a gym membership, you pay a monthly fee and you can cancel when you no longer need it.  

In the Fork the Food Rules membership you can get the same information and perspectives that we teach our one to one clients but in a no pressure format that is flexible and self-paced and along side others seeking food freedom also. 

The basic membership is $27/month for access to all new masterclasses and all previously done masterclasses.

The premium membership is $47/month to get the masterclasses AND monthly live group coaching from Megan or Laura


Basic Membership



  • Access to all new Masterclass (aka webinar) content (approx 9/year)
  • Access to all previously recorded masterclasses
  • Access to the Private FB Group
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Premium Membership



  • Monthly live, group, facilitated discussions lead by Laura or Megan 
  • Regular new masterclass content (aka webinars) 
  • Access to all previously done masterclasses
  • Private Facebook Group
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It looks like you have a decision to make!

The first choice is to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose to do nothing, nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to change your relationship with food and your body and experience more freedom and less stress with food, then your choice is obvious, join us in Fork the Food Rules!

Just click the button already, we are waiting for you on the inside!

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If you are still on the fence...

It's ok! You might still be hoping that the next plan or diet will be "the one." 

And that is important to explore too. Not everyone reading this page right now is ready for this kind of work. Everyone has their own experiences that lead them to the place of readiness and you may not have had all of yours yet.

Or maybe you don't feel confident that eliminating food rules sounds like the best thing, that it sounds reckless even. 

It makes sense, swinging back to food rules has given you a sense of control and safety when you felt crazy with food or really uncomfortable with your body.

Our question to you is, how long is too long to keep doing this? five years from now? 10 years? 20 years?

We know moving away from a familiar pattern, even one that is not serving you, can be scary. That's why we created the membership, so that when you decide to do it, you have the option to not go it alone. 

Think you might be ready?

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