Are you tired of feeling like a lack of self-control is holding you back from eating healthy?                                       

You actually don't need more willpower and self-control, you need a new approach to food.

Get started with the Fix Your Mindset, FORK Your Food Struggles mini-course!

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This mini course is for you if you have ever thought:


  • I lack will power and self control, I just need to try harder
  • I start out my day doing good and then I "mess up," tomorrow I just need to try harder 
  • I'm lazy, that's my problem, I just need to try harder
  • If I don't stick to a plan, then I will be out of control all. the. time. I just need to try harder
  • I am not happy with how my body looks and I'm settling for it if I stop trying to lose weight, I just need to try harder, lose the weight, and then it will be easier to maintain.

We think you have tried hard enough. The problem is not with you, it is with diet culture.


There is a better way.


There is a way to live and eat that doesn't involve trying harder.

It is called intuitive eating. You actually have intuition, knowledge within you, to guide you in what, when, and how much to eat to feed YOUR body the best way, but diet culture (aka the messages we get about food and our bodies) makes that really hard to connect with.

We created the Fix Your Mindset, FORK Your Food Struggles mini-course to help you understand why what you have tried hasn't worked, to help you reconnect to what does, and to give you practical ways to help you get on the path to nourishing your body more intuitively.

Finally, you can be released from the exhausting and overwhelming weight loss/weight gain, doing good/doing bad cycle and start enjoying the confidence, freedom and health that comes with eating intuitively!

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The mini-course covers WHY other approaches to eating have not worked for you in the past. SPOILER ALERT: the problem is not you.


Your body holds wisdom about what, when and how much it needs to eat. I want to help you reconnect to it so that you know how to eat for YOUR body. 

Get Relief

Obsessing about food and exercise regimens is exhausting. I give you permission to relax with food and nourish your body in a satisfying way. No food is off the table (pun totally intended).



  • 3, 15 minute lessons.
  • Journal prompts at the end of each lesson. 
  • A downloadable PDF of five things you can start doing right away to help you start to reconnect to your body.
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Your Instructor:

Megan Hadley MS, RDN, LDN

Megan believes that difficult relationships with food and body image are barriers to people living a full and healthy life. She is passionate about helping clients find freedom in eating and acceptance of their bodies so that they can give more attention towards what really matters to them. She is also passionate about her family, including her husband and two daughters, cooking, traveling, naps, good wine, and french fries.

You don't need food rules.


You have what you need to make eating easy. 


Let us help you find it!


Fix Your Mindset, FORK Your Food Struggles!


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