The Fork the Food Rules Mini-Course


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Diets don't work, most people regain the weight that they lost in two to five years (or less!), but we keep getting drawn in.


We are sure you can relate if you have ever thought:

  • THIS will be the "one" that will work, this one I can do, I just need to try harder
  • I just lack will power and self control, I just need to try harder
  • I'm lazy, that's my problem, I just need to try harder
  • If I don't diet, then I will be out of control all. the. time. I just need to try harder
  • I am not happy with how my body looks and I'm settling for it if I stop dieting, I just need to try harder, lose the weight, and then I'll try this intuitive eating thing

We think you have tried hard enough. The problem is not with you, it is with the diets and the culture they create.

That is why we created the Mini Course, a guide to help you understand why diets aren't working for you and to help you start learning a better way, one that doesn't involve having to try harder. 


With the Fork the Food Rule Mini Course You Will: 

Understand Why

The mini-course covers WHY dieting has not worked in the long run for you in the past (and spoiler alert, the problem is not you).




Get Direction

If you don't diet, then what? If you are not following a plan, how will you ever know how to eat? We cover this in the mini-course.




Get Support

The idea of not dieting and relying on what your body tells you to eat can feel scary. We dive into our First Bite framework to give you a guide for where to start with the food part of intuitive eating.



Get Expert Info

EVERYONE is a nutritionist amiright? Conflicting nutrition info is overwhelming. We have years of experience and we have nutrition degrees to back up our experience. The info that we share is not only evidenced based, it is also what we have used successfully in practice.

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What You Will Get:

  • A 45 minute course broken down into three, 15 minute (or so) sessions. 
  • Journal prompts at the end of each session for you to write about or just ponder
  • A downloadable PDF of the top five things we have found clients can start doing right away to help them start moving away from relying on food rules
  • The ability to go at your own pace, review the course as often as you like, and the flexibility to stop and start as you please. 

A guide to help you understand why diets aren't working for you and to help you start learning to eat for YOUR body

You don't need food rules. You have what you need to make eating easy. This mini-course will help you start to find it. 

Your Instructor:

Megan Hadley MS, RDN, LDN

Megan believes that difficult relationships with food and body image are barriers to people living a full and healthy life. She is passionate about helping clients find freedom in eating and acceptance of their bodies so that they can turn more attention towards what really matters to them. She is also passionate about her family, including her husband and two daughters, cooking, traveling, naps, good wine, and french fries.